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Collision Repair Service in Gainesville, FL

Accidents Happen

The average driver is involved in three or four car accidents during their lifetime. Luckily, most of these crashes aren't fatal. However, even a
minor collision can leave your car with cosmetic and functional damage. If you want to have your car look and drive like it did before your
accident, turn to Automotive Super Sports for superior collision repair service in Gainesville, FL.
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Let Us Restore Your Vehicle​

The type of damage your car sustains after a collision typically depends on where your car was hit. If your car collided with another car or object
head-on, your car will likely have sustained front bumper damage. You may also have a dented hood, shattered headlights, and a cracked
If another car rear-ended your car, you may need a bumper replacement and auto body repairs for a warped frame.
Side-impact, or T-bone, collisions frequently result in dented doors, broken side-view mirrors, and shattered windows.
Whatever type of collision repair you need, we can handle it here at Automotive Super Sports.

Trust Our Experts​

We've provided collision repair service to the Gainesville, FL, area for over two decades. Our extensive experience means we can accurately
diagnose problems with your car or truck and perform long-lasting repairs. We are able to work on any make and model of vehicle, so take your
automobile to our collision repair shop to get the service you need.
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Get Back on the Road​ 

We understand that a functional car is a necessity for getting to work, running errands, and driving your kids to school. That's why we work
quickly to get your car back on the road. We also accept all insurances and work with your insurer to help you pay for any needed repairs.
When you need fast and high-quality collision repairs, choose Automotive Super Sports in Gainesville, FL. Get your free quote today by calling
(352) 379-9111.