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Common Auto Body Repair Myths You Should Know

Auto Body Repair
When you need body work on your vehicle, you could be led to believe a variety of myths regarding how you should approach the work. These myths can result in consumers spending too much money and not getting the vehicle repaired in they the way they would prefer.
Vehicle owners need to know the true facts about auto body work to ensure they make the best decisions for their own circumstances. The following are some examples of myths you should know so you avoid any problems when repairing your vehicle.
You Need a Certain Number of Estimates for Your Insurance Company
One common myth is you need to provide a specific number of estimates for body work before your insurance company will pay for the repairs. While an insurance company can recommend you get more than one estimate, most do not require you to do so. If you have a preferred body shop you wish to use, you only need to get the one quote in most cases.
However, it is a good idea to get more than one estimate so you get the best deal. You may also want to check out different body repair shops to see how they work and view examples of their work. If you prefer not to visit different repair shops, you can just get one estimate and move forward with the repairs.
Dealerships Are the Only Source for Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts
Another common myth is you can only get original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts directly through a dealership. If your vehicle requires an OEM part, or if you prefer OEM to after-market parts, you do not have to take your vehicle to the dealership. Many reputable auto body repair shops can get OEM parts as well.
One issue vehicle owners have is dealerships or insurance companies insisting they take their damaged car to the dealership for repair with OEM parts. You do not have to do that if you do not want to. Many car owners prefer to use their own trusted body shops who can get OEM parts instead of a dealership. If your local body shop can get the OEM parts you need and is able to do the job, you can choose to have your body shop do the work instead of the dealership.
You Must Use the Repair Shop Chosen by Your Insurance Company
Insurance companies have relationships with a variety of providers and will attempt to guide you to use them for your vehicle repairs. This makes sense, as their preferred providers know the routine and the necessary steps to make sure the claim progresses smoothly.
However, you are not required to use the insurance company's preferred providers for your auto body repair work. You can use the body shop of your choice despite who the insurance company would prefer you to use.
Damaged Frames Are Unfixable
Auto collisions often result in a damaged frame. Frame damage often results in an insurance company "totaling" the vehicle. However, damaged frames can be fixed in many cases, as long as they are not weak. Newer vehicles on unibody frames are especially fixable. If your frame suffered damage, do some research before the insurance company totals your car for scraps.
Auto body repair work can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be if you understand the truth from fiction. If you need auto body work, please contact us at Automotive Super Sports. Our team will go above and beyond our competition to ensure you get the best care and service possible. We look forward to working with you.