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3 Tactics That'll Keep Your New Car Looking New

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If you've recently bought a brand new car, you probably want to show it off to everyone you know. You also likely want to keep it looking the same way that it looked on the day that you bought it, but maintaining a car exterior can be tougher than you think. With proper care, though, you can keep your new car looking great for as long as possible.
1. Be Careful About How You Drive and Park
If you love your new car, you should drive it like you love it. For starters, maintain a reasonable distance behind other drivers when driving. Along with reducing the chances of a collision, this helps prevent rocks and road debris from flying up and hitting your car. Other drivers are sure to appreciate the distance, too!
You should also be careful about where you drive. Be careful about driving down gravel paths and roads or in other areas where rocks and gravel can fly up and chip your paint. If construction or paving is being done on a road near you, try your best to stay away. If asphalt gets on your car, it's going to be really hard to get it off without damaging your paint.
Where and how you park matters, too. You may be tempted to squeeze your car into a tight parking space so that you can get a spot at the front, but if you park too close to other cars, this increases your chances of door dings. Double-parking also isn't a good idea, since your car could be towed — it's also not a very nice thing to do to other drivers. Parking in a less busy area of the parking lot can help avoid damage.
2. Detail Your Car Regularly
When you first got your new car, it might have been freshly detailed. The spotless interior and exterior and the shiny wax might have made your new car really shine. Have your car detailed regularly so you enjoy this shine more often.
Regular detailing isn't just good so that your car is ready to show off at any moment, though. In the long term, detailing does help protect your paint job. If you don't have bird droppings and other debris washed off, permanent damage can happen to your paint job over time. Regular, thorough cleanings help prevent damage.
When you detail your car or have it detailed by a professional, make sure that you don't skip the wax. Not only does wax make your car look super shiny, but it also helps provide a nice barrier to protect your paint job. It can help prevent minor scratches, chips, and other paint damage.
3. Have Minor Imperfections Fixed Right Away
You will eventually end up with scratches, dings, or dents on your new car, even if you follow the above-mentioned tips. Don't just chalk these minor imperfections up to basic wear and tear on your car. If you just let it go and don't have them repaired, your car's value will diminish. Plus, rust can appear on your vehicle, causing even more significant damage.
Instead, as soon as you notice a minor scratch, dent, ding, or other imperfection, have it professionally repaired. Having it done by the right person is important, of course, if you want your car to look like new when the job is finished.
Remember these three things when you own a new car to help keep your new vehicle in great shape. Of course, no matter how much you baby your car, things can still happen. That's what we're here for. Contact us at Automotive Super Sports to have any damage to your vehicle repaired the right way.